Motivation and Your Business


by Monika Blichar 


My office. Check out the Dream Boards up! These help me stay motivated and remind me why I am doing what I am everyday! 



As a woman living in the modern working world, I find myself drawn to many ideas, projects, people and stories. My favorite are about and include information about people who have overcome obstacles, followed their passion and reached new heights in business. What I find among many of these ‘feel good’ stories is that each of the heroes or heroines all have one commonality; motivation. 


Motivation. An interesting concept defined by the ability to thrive, to keep pushing oneself towards a goal, idea or dream. It is seen as the strength to continue to move ahead despite personal or physical turbulence in life. People who are motivated display courage, ambition, loft and are often so driven it is difficult to understand where they could possibly have derived all their motivation from. 

In keeping with our SPARKLE mantra this year, motivation definitely has to be on our mind as it is a key element in success of your business!


Here is a short list of questions to help you stay motivated this year! 


Remember to answer them honestly and if you can, write them down and place them somewhere where you will see them so you can remind yourself every day! 


 1-My biggest dream is…


2-I want to achieve this dream because…


3-I am working on this dream because I would like to support…


4-I would like to achieve this dream by the time….


5-If I achieve this dream, I will feel…



After filling in the answers, think about how you can stay motivated while pursuing your dream or passion. Perhaps you need a motivation buddy to touch base with weekly or a specific time each week to review your goals and your progress. 



Whatever your motivational reasons or plans may be, be sure to include the Diamond Dolls!  



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Monika Blichar has a BA in English and French and a British Columbia College of Teacher’s Certificate. She is owner of MAB Ventures Inc. An Arts & Entertainment Agency and manages MAB Art Studio & Boutique Gallery in North Vancouver. She is the creator for Art World Expo, Diamond Dolls Women’s Networking Group, The FAB Art Program as well as an array of art education and specialty workshops helping people find their creative genius via art and business. Monika lives and works in North Vancouver, BC.