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Meet Daria Lubczyk

A recent addition to The FAB Art Programme, meet Daria Lubczyk. A talented abstract painter recently new to the Vancouver area. I had a chance to interview Daria, who is also from Poland, about her art.
Cyclone’s Eye, Daria Lubczyk
Daria Lubczyk is a Poland born artist who made the solo migration from her family to Canada at a young age with a fierce determination to succeed in life. This experience helped Daria find an unwavering inner strength along with a vast creative side that she is able to pour out into her art work. This desire to create was always just under the surface and came out in unique ways as a child through her singing and love of shapes, architecture, shadows and emotions. Finally the desire was put to over-sized canvases and Daria’s unique, hauntingly real, yet abstract artwork was born. It seemed to have a life of its own pouring out years of thoughts and ideas.
Daria currently resides in Vancouver, BC where she captures her inward journey through bold, colorful expression. Her style involves painting “from the inside out”, allowing the image to unfold organically, layer upon layer. The artist’s intention is to uplift and inspire the viewer with images that feed the creative soul, allowing the canvas’s story line to continue in the viewer’s own determined journey.
Art Vision, Daria Lubczyk
1. What inspires you to create art?
At any given moment in time, there are a vast collection of projects, emotions, timelines and past experiences collected inside my mind. In an almost meditative outlet I am drawn to skylines of architecture to help assemble and calm the calamities. As yoga may do for some, the neatly organized lines, muted colors found in opposing shadows and light, the silver glint of metal frames, cement and glass along with the permanence of buildings are my meditation reflected in my canvasses.2. You recently moved to Vancouver, what is your favorite thing so far about our city?

A day in Vancouver is akin to having your passport stamped on a world-wide trip in one day! I love the diversity, outgoing creative people, cultures, and an ongoing drive for growth and development in balance with the coast lines seductive shores.

3. If you could do anything in life what would it be?

To come up with just one thing in my life is almost as impossible as deciding what pair of shoes would I buy from a warehouse full of designers. I would hope my inspirations are never this finalized, I am constantly recreating myself. If anything, I would hope to be an inspiration to others.

4. Who is your favorite artist

If you could combine the amazing “Henryk Stazewski” Polish Architect & Artist, 1894-1988, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland and was a driving force behind geometric shapes and patterns along with the incredible work of Architect Jakus Szczesny, famous for his outstanding completion of the narrowest modern building, you may scratch the surface of finding my favorite artist.


5. What kinds of work do you do?
My creations are mostly abstracts.
To view more of Daria’s work, please visit:

From August-October 2014, several of Daria’s pieces are on display and for sale as part of the FAB Art Programme at Sal Y Limon. 701 Kingsway and Fraser in Vancouver, BC  For any questions about commissions, current available pieces or to purchase from Daria, please contact The FAB Art Programme c/o MAB Ventures Inc., An Arts & Entertainment Agency at 1 604 999 6177 or